I have devoured books since childhood, became a published author of fiction in 2002 and I am now a co-author of a non-fiction inspirational book in 2022. Reading has provided escape, helped me to grow, informed me so that I could make better decisions. Writing helped me re-define myself outside motherhood and getting published finally allowed me to let go of the idea that I was “less than” because I did not attend college as planned.

Whether I’m writing traditional romances, like Right Where He Belongs or The Substitute Fiancée, or non-fiction such as Uncover Your Light, Volume Two, I strive to leave the reader feeling uplifted and hopeful. If my writing touches you in some way, shoot me an email!

Uncover Your Light,

Volume Two

“We are all connected, we all matter. Truth. But if you don’t take the time to know, love, and understand yourself first, how will you know the best way to serve others?”

This quote of mine sums up what has served me well throughout my life. I truly believe that when I stop learning and growing, I’m dead. And I require purpose to thrive. During one memorable year in my thirties when I was searching for meaning (known as my “black year”) I felt empty and miserable, knowing I was meant for more. I did the work, took risks and finally discovered and embraced the magic that lives inside me. I share that journey and what helped me uncover my light in this inspirational book.

Uncover Your Light explores the concept of how to shine brightly when you’ve lost touch with who you are. Whether you are struggling with a life transition, personal upheaval, or gradual detachment over time, the question is: How do you begin to find your true self again? Us coauthors of Uncover Your Light have all faced the fear of not knowing where to start when the path seemed dark and unfamiliar. We want to provide a roadmap for others who are on similar journeys. These personal stories of hope and resilience are about being the best version of yourself, which is a profound act of self-love. Your radiant light is waiting to shine brightly, and to inspire those around you to do the same.

You can purchase through Amazon or you can order your copy directly from me and I will be happy to sign your copy and either meet up to deliver it if you’re local or you can choose the mail option, which covers the shipping cost.

ISBN-13: 978-1989819357

October 2022

The Substitute Fiancée

One small favor.

One week of pretending to be her twin sister…

One big problem.

This tale of the unique bond of twin sisters, mistaken identity and exploring the notion of doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is a fun read, one you won't want to miss.

ISBN 0-373-19752-7 January 2005

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Right Where He Belongs

Twenty-nine days and counting…

Matchmaking from above, revenge, searching for a place to belong. Discover how an unwanted inheritance leads a man back to his roots and into the arms of a woman who teaches him the gift of forgiveness.

IBSN 0-373-19575-3 February 2002

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Coming Soon!

I'm excited to announce I am hard at work on my first solo non-fiction book!

Hope and Healing isn't the actual title, more like the theme. I feel called to share my journey of how I have beaten a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes for over thirty years without medication. Even if just a handful of people benefit from the book, the effort will be worth it. Many people have no idea they have choices, that there's a natural, holistic approach to health that increases your chances of aging with a quality of life. I am eager to share the lifestyle changes, tools and resources that have helped me thrive more in my sixties than my thirties. So stay tuned for updates! My goal is to have it published by December 31.

In the meantime, here's a tip to get you started on the right path:

Choose you. Choose natural. Choose now!

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