Growing up, I always thought I would be a teacher or a social worker. I love to learn, and I have been devouring personal development material since I could read! One of my strengths is Responsibility. That compels me to share what I learn in order to help others. Many books claim that knowledge is power, but that isn't necessarily true. Knowledge IN ACTION is power.. When I share what I have learned in a workshop, my goal is to inspire and motivate, for sure, but also to leave you with clear action steps on how to be the best you possible. When we know and love ourselves, we can then serve others from a better place.

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Aging With a Quality of Life

Without a proactive, preventative approach to health, you’ll more than likely end up on several prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. All of which are full of chemicals. These “magic pills” may help you live longer, but odds are, because of the side-effects, you’ll simply be surviving, not thriving. You deserve better. We all deserve better. We must take our power back and stop accepting solutions that only treat symptoms if we hope to age with a quality of life. My over 25 years of a holistic approach to health puts me in a unique position to share my journey that has made it possible for me to be on minimal prescription/OTC medications IN MY SIXTIES, despite my bad genes. No luck, no magic, no quick fix. Just a lot of hard work and an open mind to treating the entire body—mind, body and soul—from the inside out. Are you ready for lasting change?

Length of class: 1 hour

Cost: $50

Wired That Way +

Method for Nurturing Relationships

Do you find it difficult to relate to, maybe even tolerate, people who are wired differently than you? Before you can work on that, you first need to explore how YOU are wired, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you need to feel heard, seen, accepted, loved. I explain the four temperaments—Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic—and how each one is so important and adds value to our lives, to the world! I also add the component of essential oils and how they can help support the different aspects of each temperament! This interactive workshop can be presented in person or online, and can be adapted for different age groups, from pre-teens to adults.

Length of class: 1 hour

Cost: $50

Balance Blood Sugar Naturally

Did you know that every time your blood sugar spikes, cells are damaged which AGES you? Unbalanced blood sugar levels can also lead to a multitude of health issues. Medications to manage this often come with the price of serious side effects. Discover how lifestyle changes and natural solutions can help!

Length of class: 1 hour

Cost: $50

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